We're in the business of
social change.


Founded in 2006, Just Business began by incubating the non-profit Not For Sale as a response to human trafficking and labor exploitation, and has continued to invest in and incubate profitable and forward- thinking ventures dedicated to positive impact in the world.


We're envisioning a new economy where profit does not exist in conflict with social impact.

We're committed to building that future by investing in and building ventures that act out business differently. 


Not For Sale





Invention Hub


The truth about business is one that we all are too painfully aware of. The same old way of conducting commerce and exchange — upholding exclusion rather than inclusion & externalizing impact rather than sustaining our planet – is yesterday’s approach.

Our commitment is to reshape the global marketplace via ventures that act out business differently. Our ventures are dedicated to bringing dignity to people and our planet.

We act upon 4 key principles:

  • Positive mission-based enterprises and for-profit business models should be symbiotic and need not conflict with each other.
  • This intersection of purpose and profit – bringing dignity to people and our planet – enables our best shot at systemic, global change toward inclusion and sustainability.
  • An ecosystem of ventures clustered around a theme – like ending modern slavery for example – creates synergy that can elevate all member enterprises to faster growth and larger impact. We think of this as a next-generation keiretsu – a set of companies with intersecting missions, interlocking business relationships, and mutually beneficial shareholdings.
  • Impact is accelerated by hands-on incubation via the experience, resources, and wherewithal of a global network that stands with Just Business in these principles.

This is no traditional venture capital or philanthropic cash effort; we stand shoulder to shoulder with our entrepreneurs to coach and accelerate multiple bottom-line impacts. Someday these principles will simply be an accepted entrepreneurial ethos. They should be Just Business..