Tau Investment Management

TAU is a private equity firm committed to upgrading global supply chains. TAU invests in mid-size manufacturing firms and collaborates with management to implement positive social and environmental changes. TAU identifies targets through in-depth research, including on-the-ground investigation, going above and beyond traditional due diligence. Through this unique investment approach, TAU delivers value to all stakeholders: increasing manufacturers’ profitability and scale, improving the environment and the lives of workers, and delivering superior returns to investors.

By upgrading and de-risking supply chains, TAU believes it can solve capitalism’s worst failure – the undervaluation of human and natural resources. 

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Market Opportunity

  •  Global apparel represents a $1.7 Trillion market
  • Increasing market share of consumers interested in ethical production, while many global apparel firms do not have the IP to better their supply chain
  • Strong relationships with big global retailers
  • Fragmented industry with hundreds of publicly listed companies in Tau’s target range of $0.5-2B market cap.


  • Tau transforms its portfolio company through a combination of revenue levers, which improve share and customer loyalty, and cost levers which improve efficiency and productivity.