luvtap gives users an easy and cost-efficient way to deliver local gifts to friends. Users can browse a variety of unique gifts, specific to their location only–like a chai latte from the neighborhood coffee shop–and send to their friends to redeem. Not only does this support local businesses, it's a great way to share your neighborhood and introduce your friends to something new. 


  • No other direct competitors in the local gift space. 
  • A number of channels for customer usage have emerged – many centered around the effort to drive business to local retailers who find it difficult to compete with national franchises (e.g., support from local governments)


  • Topline distribution back to Not For Sale on gross revenue.
  • Founder's equity granted to Not For Sale. 
  • Once luvtap has established itself in the market, the company plans to offer customers the opportunity at the time of transaction to make a “double luvtap”, adding the cents-difference to the nearest dollar to one’s bill to be donated back to Not For Sale