Global Entrepreneurship Immersion Program (GEIP)

GEIP is a program designed for aspiring and emerging student entrepreneurs to learn the skills required in business leadership and entrepreneurship.  These skills are invaluable and sought-after by companies as students enter the professional workforce. The Program is offered through Just Business, in partnership with world-class universities and startup organizations.





Currently, GEIP has locations in San Francisco, California, and Seoul, South Korea.  The Program plans to expand to Stockholm, Sweden, beginning Fall 2018.






San Francisco

Taking advantage of the innovative culture of Silicon Valley, GEIP is housed at the Invention Hub in the heart of San Francisco. The Invention Hub is a two-floor, 7000 sq. ft. convertible structure in San Francisco’s iconic Dogpatch neighborhood and provides space for impact initiatives and other mission-aligned companies. Living and working in San Francisco gives students the opportunity to tap into the cultural vibrancy of Silicon Valley and the city.





Opening in Spring 2018, GEIP Seoul students will be housed at Gachon University just outside of Seoul. Students will participate in the same coursework as the San Francisco program and will complete an internship at a Korean startup.



Program Dates

GEIP operates two times a year, coinciding with the dates of standard, college and university academic semesters (16 weeks).  The Fall program starts in late August and ends in mid-December while the Spring program begins in early January and concludes in early May. (See below for application information).



Through partnerships with leading U.S. and international universities, students earn 12 units of academic credit for participation in the semester-long program.  Students attend classes two days a week and participate in an internship three days a week.



Students enroll in two courses for the semester: 21st Century Entrepreneurship and a weekly seminar that focuses on integrating the internship experience with the student’s professional development. In “21st Century Entrepreneurship”, budding entrepreneurs learn to develop new ventures, along with acquiring skills in innovation, technology development, marketing and financial analysis.  Since all GEIP courses are taught in English, international students are required to demonstrate a minimum level of English proficiency at the time of application.



Alongside academic courses, students enroll in an Internship Practicum that is designed to bridge learning between the academic coursework and the practical internship experience. Just Business carefully curates internship placements that provide students the opportunity to develop critical business skills by taking ownership of specific projects that enhance learning and add depth to their resume. These experiences help differentiate our students from the competition when they enter the professional workforce. Internships are available with pre-startup, startup and growth companies. Some of our internship partners include Outdoorsie, BrandFlask, The Lumen Group and Z Shoes.



Participants are placed either on-campus or off-campus in student housing alongside students from other local colleges and universities.



Costs are the same for all GEIP locations and are as follows: 


TUITION: $12,456 (12 units of college/university credit)

Room:  $4,000

Food:  $1200

Transportation:  $344

TOTAL: $18,000



Students requiring J-1 Visas are responsible for the cost of sponsorship and all associated fees.

Note:  Students are given a stipend of $386/month for food and transportation.  Students desiring to spend over this amount may supplement at their own expense.


Faculty Bios


David Batstone, PhD.

 Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Just Business

Professor at GEIP San Francisco

David brings a sterling history of achievement and leadership in both the investment sector and the social enterprise space: a business professor at the University of San Francisco and a former investment banker in the technology industry; co-founder and president of the Not For Sale; co-founder and Managing Partner of Just Business.



Dosoung Choi, PhD.

Vice-President and Dean of School of Business of Gachon University

Professor at GEIP Seoul

Don Batstone, PhD. 

Executive Director of GEIP

Professor GEIP San Francisco

Don brings to GEIP over 30 years of experience in higher education administration and counseling at public and private, two- and four-year colleges and universities. He has held numerous directorships at his University of Southern California alma mater, including those at the Keck School of Medicine, the College Advisement Office and the Viterbi School of Engineering.  Most recently, he was Dean of Academic Affairs at Mt. Sierra College in southern California.

Contact Information

For questions regarding GEIP and the application process, please contact Don Batstone, GEIP Executive Director, at




Admission into GEIP is competitive and minimum eligibility requirements apply.  

Applications are accepted beginning March 1 and July 1 of each year for the Fall and Spring programs, respectively.

Please complete each field of the application, marking “Not Applicable” if appropriate. When the application has been filled out completely, check the “Confirmation of application submission” statement at the bottom and then click submit.  The GEIP Admission Processing staff will quickly inform you that your application has been received.

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