Bliss Complete Organics

Bliss Complete Organics – stylized as BlissCo. – is built around the principles of naturopathic medicine. Starting with one herbal-powered, hand-blended tea in Australia, Blissco ignited a movement amongst young women, and surprisingly, men, with the philosophy that good digestion leads to good health. In its first year, the brand had over 10,000 transactions, an 80% repeat customer rate, and launched two new SKUs. To respond to ongoing demand from customers all over the world, BlissCo. is beginning its expansion into the United States and Canadian market, and has plans to develop more organic products – not just tea – for healthy hair, sleep, stress, and more.


  • Customers increasingly looking to food to fix health problems: preventative care, IBS, inflammation
  • Currently leading the market in the weight loss tea market, with positive press and active user engagement
  • BlissCo is a refreshing brand in the age of social media, encouraging women to seek holistic health over short-term beauty hacks. In a survey by Glamour, 54% women aged 18-40 reported being more likely to be unhappy with their bodies in 2014, compared to 41% in 1984.  This increase can be largely attributed to social media: 64% of women who said that looking at a picture on social media made them feel bad about their bodies.


  • Revenue distribution back to Not For Sale on all gross revenue
  • BlissCo is committed to providing jobs for formerly exploited and at-risk youth and young adults who have graduated from Not For Sale’s Reinvent jobs project
  • Once BlissCo establishes co-packing operations, BlissCo plans to begin "impact sourcing".